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Index House was created to be the most luxurious student accommodation in Leeds.

The unique all inclusive package is designed to take the stress away from living and instead allow you to enjoy your time studying and getting together with friends. We cater for all who not only wish to stay during their time at university, but also those who wish to stay after graduating or even professionals who want a central city location to call home. 

College Students
Image by John Schnobrich

Charity @ Index House

Index House is not for profit organisation. The construction is fully funded by the Zakat Trustee Account holders, who have all invested into having the building developed, each purchasing one or more "blocks". Each year the building will generate profits from the room rentals, and all of these goes back to the Zakat Trustees accounts, in which they can then select to send it to one of the many charitable projects we sponsor around the world. The investors charitable obligations are fulfilled, and collectively we help thousands of people by providing them with clean water, housing, schools and the equipment and means to be self sustainable.

Watch our explainer video to see how it works!

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Our Trustees

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Name: Zulfiqar Baig
Position: Chairman & Trustee
Organisation: Orphan Care UK & Taqwa Welfare Organisation

Charity Projects: 200+
Duration: 8 Years
Active: Yes
Background: Technology Company Director
Future Vision: To build a hospital for Zakat Eligible Families, with 100% free treatment and medication.

Orphan Care UK & Taqwa Welfare Organization
Founder of Taqwa Welfare Organization in 2017. Which provides family support, social development and vocational training for Zakat eligible families and children. 
Built Vocational Schools in Jhelum and Dina and P
rimary/Middle School in Peshawar, Pakistan.
100% free of charge education. Per
sonally Funded and built over 100+ homes for zakat eligible families throughout Pakistan and Africa. 
Fully operational welfare office with management staff, teachers, support staff, including medical staff on
hand 7 days a week, 365 days a year, free of cost to Zakat Eligibles. 

Index House Development & Zakat Trustees
I dealt with all aspects of the operations of the project from designing with architects, sourcing materials, ground conditions analysis, working with engineers and finally planning with city council officials and lobbying for approval for height restrictions the council was imposing upon the project.
This Index House development, once complete will be included into Orphan Care UK as the Trustee to the development. 100% of the rental income from the apartments will be repatriated into the Zakat Trust Account for funding of Zakat eligible projects via Orphan Care UK into Taqwa Welfare Organization Projects.

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Name: Hanif Malik, OBE
Position: Senior Trustee
Organisation: Orphan Care & Taqwa Welfare Organisation

Charity Projects: 500+
Duration: 25+ years
Active: Yes
Background: Developing, educating and fundraising executive.
Future Vision: To bring real change and assistance around the world. 


Hanif is currently employed as the Director of a Charitable Foundation and was previously the Chief Executive of a leading Community organisation in Leeds and then the Chief Operating Officer of an international humanitarian charity. He has over 25 years’ experience operating at a strategic level, having been appointed to boards working at a national, regional, and local level.

Having developed and implemented a plethora of community-related projects across health, sport, young people’s work, and regeneration during his career, Hanif has a detailed understanding of the charitable sector. 
He has significant experience in fundraising and developing funding campaigns, verified by his achievements in raising several million pounds for a wide range of causes.
In addition to his paid role, he currently works as a consultant in the third sector along with holding non-executive and trustee roles with several organisations.
His prolonged period of working alongside and supporting communities at a local, regional, and national level was recognised in July 2014 through being awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Leeds Beckett University for ‘services to the public’ and receiving an OBE in the Queens Honours for ‘Services to the Community’ in June 2016.  

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Name: Raheem Mohammad 
Position: Senior Trustee
Organisation: Orphan Care & Taqwa Welfare Organisation

Charity Projects: 100+
Duration: 10+ years
Active: Yes
Background: Charity and voluntary sector senior manager, Project Manager, Education 
Future Vision: To continue supporting the charity and our donor to make an everlasting difference around the world. 


Raheem Mohammad has been in the charity sector for the last 12 years and was the Co-Founder of Orphan Care in 2017. A professional Youth Worker and Qualified teacher, Raheem is passionate about changing the lives of our future generation. Overlooking the initial set-up and operation of both offices in UK & The Gambia, Raheem has strategic and management experience, and over the last 3 years directed the development of 50+ wells being built and the construction and running of the Orphan Care Madrassah project in The Gambia which currently educates over 300 children per year. 

Within the UK operations, Raheem overlooks the Governance and donor relations ensuring that the charity is 100% transparent and efficient in our day-to-day running. 

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Name: Waseem Baig
Position: Trustee
Organization: Orphan Care
Charity Projects: 10+
Duration: 4 Years
Active: Yes
Background: Service Center Manager
Future Vision: To help and support those less fortunate around the world. Creating Sadaqa Jaria projects for loved ones by helping those families most in need.

Member or Halifax Friends of Palestine since 2017 & Member of our Pakistan village society (Koankh)
Helping out at local charity events and mosque events to build bridges between mosques. (BURNLEY IBRAHIM UKIM)

I have been involved with supporting the earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan with the help of local masjids and Taqwa Welfare to get aid, medical attention, treatment and medicines across to the victims affected by these disasters.

I haven't been in the charity sector for as long as some of our other members, but I am proud to be a part of this initiative. Me and my wife have been engaged in charity for a number of years, which have been mostly based in Palestine. We created the ROOF TOP garden initiative and provided families with self sustainable fruit and vegetables based on rooftop gardens. We have also launched Ramadan and Eid gifts for Palestinian families each year with the help of the refugee camps on the ground.
I am pleased to be a member of Taqwa Welfare & Orphan Care and would love to see the vision and goals complete with Mr Zulfi Baig, who is the chairman of the charity and who is a huge inspiration and guide for me. 
I would like to leave a positive and life changing impact behind in Dunya to send to the Akirah for myself and my daughter and help create Taqwa welfare Organisation and Orphan Care as self-sustainable projects for years to come. 


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Name: Muserat Sujawal 
Position: Trustee
Organisation: Orphan Care

Charity Projects: 50+
Duration: 10+ years
Active: Yes
Background: Social Welfare Manager
Future Vision: To develop & educate as many street children as possible.

I'm the former vice chair of Hamara Healthy Living Centre. Former Vice chair for the South Leeds Ethnic Minority Forum. I've had the privilege of being a Former Candidate for the Respect Party in addition to standing for local elections as the local city council Party ship. I have held the rol of Co Chair Leeds Stop The War Coalition.

Director of Lippy People C.I.C.  In addition to being an Equal opportunities Consultant for  The Methodist Church. Housing Project Volunteer Councillor for Leeds Rape Crisis A Common Purpose Graduate.
Utrujj North Committee member Active member of  Leeds together for Peace. A member of Leeds Disability Forum. A life long student "of life".  
Trying to be the best human being I can in the exam of life.

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Name: Haris Saeed
Position: Trustee
Organisation: Taqwa Welfare Organisation

Charity Projects: 50+
Duration: 7+ Years
Active: Yes
Background: Social Welfare Manager
Future Vision: To assist and help as many vulnerable children as I can.

With over 5 years of dedicated service in the NGO sector, Haris Saeed stands at the forefront of impactful project management as the driving force behind Taqwa Welfare Organization. Holding a Master's in Social Work with a specialization in Project Management, Haris is not just a seasoned professional but a dynamic trainer, delivering transformative sessions on leadership, peace, and social inclusion. With a rich portfolio of collaborations with both national and international organizations, Haris has orchestrated numerous training sessions and workshops addressing diverse social issues and community development topics. His vision extends beyond the present, aspiring to establish a Skills Development Institute aimed at empowering the youth. Passionate about societal progress, Haris combines expertise in project management with a commitment to fostering positive change.


Name: Nusrat Hussain
Position: Trustee
Organisation: Orphan Care UK

Charity Projects: 20+
Duration: 5+ Years
Active: Yes
Background: Mum & Home Nurturer
Future Vision: To create safe and healthy environments that provide quality care support and nurturing of children. 

As a devoted full-time mother and home nurturer my life has been centred around managing a household and parenting, which has brought me an immense amount of happiness and fulfillment. 

I would now love to dedicate my time in making a difference in the lives of children and their families in a holistic way that encompasses the nurturing and protecting of all aspects of a child's well-being, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, supporting their overall growth, health and well-being.

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Name: Jamil Aziz
Position: Volunteer
Organisation: Orphan Care UK & Taqwa Welfare Organisation

Charity Projects: 100+
Duration: 20+ Years
Active: Yes
Background: Technology/Engineering Project Manager
Future Vision: To support charitable projects and help the most needy.

20 plus years experience of working as a volunteer mainly for a large NGO. 
Experience of working at many levels from street level fundraising to large audiences both face to face online, radio and television.

Organisation and planning large scale charity events ranging from dinners, national nasheed concerts, hosting VIPs and influential International dignitaries to ensure the focus on the aims on the charity goals are achieved.

Passion to bring real life stories from the beneficiaries via multimedia skills in the field to donors here in the UK and worldwide to win support and grow the donor income.
I want to now use my experience to support and shape a charity like Orphan Care and Taqwa to grow into the best it can be inshallah!

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