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Girls & Boys Vocational School - Jhelum

We built a new vocational school in Dina Jhelum for 150 Boys and 150 Girls.

The land was already purchased for a school; however, the original landowner was unable to complete the building of the school and land was left abandoned due to finance.

We arranged for local representative to go to the area to ascertain the work required and the demand for a school.

Shortly after we confirmed to build the vocational school.

Girls area built was for sewing and makeup practical courses.

Boys area built was for electrical engineering practical courses.

The school build took approximately 5 months to complete and was fully furnished with desks and equipment for both girls and boys.

Each student who passed the vocational course is provided with either free makeup kit or sewing machine or electrical tools to go out to industry and earn a living.

The demand for this vocational school was so high, even before we could complete the build the classes had already started to take place.

Teachers’ salaries are also supported via the pakistan Zakat fund on a monthly basis.

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